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40 Years of Accounting Expertise

Precision in Numbers, Excellence in Service

Why me?


What sets me apart?

Do you want an advisor that has only been an advisor and not experienced the trials and joys of running an enterprise day to day?

I have witnessed and experienced failure and success.


I believe advice is best when dispensed by someone who has lived and breathed it, and been deeply involved.


Textbooks are one thing, but the school of life adds another dimension altogether.

I have a good number of individuals who will give you a reference for me as a character and advisor.

I dispense advice in layman's terms, and don't tie it up in jargon.


The simpler, the better.


Some of the services that I can offer and assist with are;

Company set-ups



PAYE and payroll



Business plans

Part-time FD/CFO


What can I help you with?


About me

I have been an accountant for 40 years now, and during that time have acquired extensive knowledge on finance, accounting and tax.


I have experienced a number of industries, and worked alongside entrepreneurs from start-ups to established businesses.


I have been alongside most of my clients for over 30 years, and delighted to be so.

One such example is a construction business that commenced trading over 25 years ago, as a start-up, and which now employs 180 staff, and enjoys an annual turnover of £150m.


To this day, I remain with the business as CFO, to my sheer delight.


However, time passes on by, and I must allow the next generation to take the baton and come through.


I still enjoy immensely seeing the entrepreneurial spirit in adventurers and pioneers, and would like the last 10/15 years of my working life to not only see my stewardship pass into safe hands, but to advise and guide those about to start their journey, or those who are frustrated with not getting the advice they feel they are missing.

I provide a personalised approach to each of my clients, taking the time to understand their unique needs and goals.

Facts and Figures

I'm good with numbers


Years of Experience


Years as a FD/CFO


Years of client loyalty

About Us

What makes Grinty's service unique is the culmination of decades of honed finance optimization skills, setting a foundation that surpasses conventional expertise.

The core values driving Adrian's service include a commitment to sustainable growth and profitability for businesses.


What our clients say

Adrian Grint transformed our business with impeccable accounting services. Their expertise streamlined our financial processes, ensuring precision and efficiency. Grateful for their dedicated support and professionalism

Haydn Jones

Adrian Grint's commitment to excellence is evident in Grinty's accounting services. With meticulous attention to detail, they've enhanced our financial management, fostering trust and reliability. Exceptional team, exceptional results!

Rob Donaldson

Choosing Grinty was a game-changer for our finances. Adrian Grint's expertise shines through in their top-notch accounting services. Proactive, accurate, and reliable – a dynamic combination that fuels our business success.

Mark Hull

Adrian Grint's proficiency and Grinty's accounting prowess are unparalleled. Their tailored solutions and strategic insights have significantly elevated our financial strategy. Grateful for the peace of mind and stellar service they consistently deliver.

Katie Crabtree

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